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Diamonds and Gold


Attrē is one of the few jewelry brands worldwide to work with traceable natural diamonds, being able to track them from its country of origin into the final jewel.

By partnering with Sarine, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of precision technology products for evaluating, planning and grading diamonds and gems, Attrē is slowly implementing The Sarine Diamond Journey™ wherever possible.

It begins with the registration in the mine: The producer scans all rough stones in a given package, and a unique 3D model is generated for each stone. All information is uploaded to a secure cloud-based system. Upon arrival at the polisher’s facilities, each stone is scanned again. A verification algorithm matches the rough stones in the package to what was registered by the producer. Every time a stone is processed through a stage, the system validates its current status to ensure it’s the same stone.

Once polishing is complete, the stone is matched against the final plan for validation. Comparable to a human fingerprint, every rough diamond has unique characteristics: The polish validation stage verifies the stone by matching its different properties, such as inclusions or polish proportions to the properties registered during the final planning stage. This will verify the polished stone is derived from a specific rough.

Customers receive a digital and printed Diamond Journey™ report that not only provides the diamond's ID - inscribed at the diamond's girdle - and its country of origin, but also shows how the different stages from rough stone to finished jewel looked like.


Attrē further provides customers with 4C Grading Reports by Sarine. The company uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies for diamond grading (carat, color, clarity and cut). It also includes authentication and treatment detection. Tens of thousands of data sets are implemented in the grading machines to obtain results with the highest possible accuracy and consistency. These machines exclude flaws of the human eye during the grading process: Factors such as the daily changing ability to concentrate, surroundings etc., may come into play with human diamond grading.  

Find out more about the 4Cs here.


Due to the fact that there is no harmonized definition to what “recycled gold” is, and even freshly mined gold may be considered as “recycled” as soon as it’s reprocessed at a refinery, Attrē works with those partners that focus on secondary gold. It means these refineries process gold, which has already been part of the cycle (for example: old jewelry or coins).