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The Founders

Attrē-founders Maria Zelenko and Marina Stütz met each other during their gemological education. 

By this time, Maria Zelenko had been working for many years as the fashion editor for one of Austria's leading daily newspapers, conducting interviews with designers such as Andreas Kronthaler, Christian Louboutin or Tommy Hilfiger and reporting from international fashion weeks. Even more than fashion, she always saw jewelry as a way of self-expression and an extension of one’s personality. In the course of her journalism career she specialized on writing about the diamond and jewelry industry, resulting in the decision to be trained as a diamond grader.

Marina Stütz dedicated the early years of her life to professional golf. She picked up a golf club for the first time at the age of five, joined the Austrian national team at the age of twelve, and won the title of national champion twelve times in the course of seven years. Her amateur career highlight being a medalist at the European Ladies Amateur Championship 2012. The same year she took part in the LPGA qualifying in the USA - and was the only amateur to make it into the Top 20, making her one of only two Austrians to date who have succeeded in qualifying for the Ladies PGA Tour. She eventually decided to retire from golf to become a gemologist and take over her family jewelry business, running it in the fourth generation.